Who Is W Sports?

W Sports Inc (ABN 74 204 924 741) is a registered Not-For-Profit entity with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. W Sports Inc. primary goal is the promotion of women's sports, education in sports and the operation of sports clubs for the benefit of girls and women.

Where are your clubs located?

Right now we are located in many places as we have not yet found our "Home Base". As our needs are significant, we have been looking at several locations, but feel we may be getting close to a final location. Any letters of support are always helpful to help sway opinion as this is always a hurdle.

What do you do with any of the money you make?

As we are not for profit, (and proud of this) 100% of all moneys we get are used for the operation of the club, and if there is any extra, this is applied to enhancing the services or the operation of the club for the members.

Who runs W Sports?

W Sports is run by a management board of volunteers. We are currently recruiting a CEO who will be a paid employee who will run the day to day operations, but will still report to the management board. The board itself is made up of appointees and elected officials in order to have a good cross section for the running of the club.

What payments do you accept?

For our donations we accept PayPal and Credit/Debit Cards. We also accept cheque, money order, cash, in-kind or physical donations. In fact, pretty much anything that will be of assistance to our community.

Any donations are greatly appreciated.

Can I help in any other way?

Absolutely! We definitely need help and any time or assistance that you can give would be deeply appreciated! It takes many hands to run an organization like this, and we can always use more talent, either at our offices, at a sports club, or even from home! You can reach out to us via Volunteer@wsport.org.au

What if I need more information?

If you need more information, or if there is something that is not clearly addressed on the website, please feel free to contact us via our contact form here and we will endevour to respond as soon as possible!