We need your support!

We are requesting access and usage of a parcel of land from the Gold Coast City Council. This is a wonderful opportunity to promote womens sports and to re-utilise an abandoned property for the benefit of the community.
This letter brings you an opportunity to help our efforts by writing a “Letter of Support” for a truly exciting project which will benefit the South East Queensland community as a whole.  W Sports Inc. needs your “Letters of Support” to show the Local Council, State Member and Federal Sports Minister that you support the project, and the community, and to show we are all committed to the continued development of equitable sporting opportunities in our community.

A letter from you will help W Sports Inc’s efforts to bring outside funding into the project to be used to enhance the facilities and provide better services for the community, and to attract corporate sponsorhips to ensure that the club is supported and the community reap the benefits of this. Your letter will be included with the grant application that will be submitted on or before May 15, 2019.

Letters can be short or long, emailed to info@wsports.org.au. If you prefer to start with a template, there’s one included here. If you don’t have time for a letter, just email me a short note with your name and contact info stating your support of the project and a sentence or two stating why you support the development of a Womens Sports and Education Facility.

Please take a few minutes to send us a “Letter of Support.”


W Sports Inc.

We need to apologise to you…

Our website, WSports.org.au was hacked recently with all of our site data wiped, (all personal data are stored separately – no issue there) and it has taken us a little time to get back on our feet.
We have worked hard to improve the site in the meantime and we hope you enjoy it! We are still rebuilding some functions, but are happy to see you here!
If we have missed an email or contact from you, please forgive us and resend, and if you do find any flaws or issues, please let us know at info@wsports.org.au
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